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The Brief

For the project, we had to select UN Sustainable Development Goal of your choice and conduct research to explore how the COVID19 pandemic has affected progress towards the achievement of that goal in your local community. I chose SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. Fast fashion encompasses all of the issues that SDG 12 aims to address and solve.

Fast fashion has alarming consequences on the environment and the people within its supply chain, yet consumers are often unaware of it, or participate in it anyway. Young upper to middle class consumers, who have the means to do otherwise, spend their money on fast fashion, accumulating an excess of clothing. Some consumers donate their unused clothing, but are unaware that it may still end up in a landfill.


Some people think that buying thrifted clothing is unhygienic or gross

Some people are unsure of where to donate clothes in their area

It’s often easier for people to throw away their old clothes when they break rather than to fix or upcycle them

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F*ck Fast Fashion (FFF)

It is a multifaceted campaign that aims to educate consumers on the impact of fast fashion, while showing them better ways to make use of the clothes they already have, what to do with their old clothing, and what they should prioritise if they have to buy new clothing.


FFF aims to create a social movement that sparks a change from the harmful production methods and overall culture of disposability in the fashion industry.

The campaign is mostly social media based, which appeals most to the target audience. The Instagram account serves as an educational hub for all things F*ck Fast Fashion. Shareable and informative carousel posts, interactive challenges, DIY and tutorial videos and takeovers by eco influencers form the content on the social media channels, while an upcycling competition serves as the brand activation for the campaign.

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