Campaign | UI/UX | Motion Graphics

Copywriter: Alaia de Blanche

The Brief

Working in cross-disciplinary groups, we had to create an integrated campaign that answered a D&AD New Blood Awards 2021 brief. We chose the 21GRAMS brief for BlackandBrownSkin.

The challenge for this brief was to develop an idea that not only raises awareness of skin cancer, specifically melanoma, in people of colour around the globe, but also helps to drive diagnosis to allow people to receive the treatments they need.

The main goal of the idea is to break the barriers to identifying skin cancer in People of Colour and Black skin, and allow people to recognise the signs and help people get diagnosed faster. The better it does this, the better the impact it will make.


Melanoma is not found in obvious places on darker skin, and the lack of awareness means that people of colour get diagnosed late, because they don’t know where to search for the signs of melanoma.

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SkinSight Stickers
hands mockup
SkinSight Stickers
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uber eats mockup
tinder mockup


Search to Save Your Life

People spend their whole life searching for different things, which gives SkinSight the opportunity to ‘hijack’ those experiences, in order to raise awareness and drive diagnosis of melanoma in People of Colour and Black skin.


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